Advertise your business in Russia

Payments according to the preferred residences
Compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law "On Advertising"

Challenges we help to address

You're looking to enter the Russian market and launch a successful ad campaign
Ad launch in Russia
You are not sure how to avoid the pitfalls and comply with the Federal Law "On Advertising" and Advertising labeling
Compliance with the ad laws
You want to pay according to the preferred residence
Worldwide payment acceptance

Sounds familiar? You are in the right place!

We help foreign businesses successfully enter the Russian market avoiding possible problems.
We take care of the correct and compliant ad setup targeting the Russian market: Yandex.Direct, VK Ads, etc. You won't worry about the issues of ad labeling: from receiving tokens to submitting reports to the advertising data operator - everything is on us.

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Why work with AdRu?

Best terms and commissions
10+ years in advertising services in Russia
Compliance with the Russian Federal Law "On Advertising" and ad labeling
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